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This Cmax is approximately 2% of the mean maximum serum concentration reported in healthy subjects administered a single, oral 500 mg dose of metronidazole (mean Cmax = 12,785 ng/mL).
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(I imagine even Jihadi terrorists share that belief, although they obviously have a different perspective about what “causes harm”.)
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I do my best to get back to reply to any comments within hours.
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It just felt more in depth, encouraged "thinking outside the box", engaging in discussion and touching on controversial issues...
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In the lab, this antibody has proven to have a high ability to bind to, enter, and then kill the diseased cell with its attached parcel of chemotherapy toxins
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In severe cases, Zithromax arrhythmia can lead to death
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Some of the other meds i take on a daily basis are: celebrex, nexium, Adderal,
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