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One of these tests is what I call an “opioid tolerance test,” which requires low-dose subcutaneous injections of morphine or hydromorphone over a 2-hour period

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If all fails, blame it on this abracadabra called "antisemitism"

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“This is a very big issue for all of our districts

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So 50 mg/kg in a mouse is equal to 400 mg for a 100kg (220 pound) person.

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Side effects are very rare if taken at a therapeutic dose for the short term, but notfor pregnant women and those with gallstones or stomach or intestinal ulcers.

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This could result in increased utilization of glucose by peripheral tissues and protect the hoof tissues from the effects of glucose starvation.

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To confirm the diagnosis, your doctor or nurse may also suggest that a swab of your discharge be taken from your vagina and sent to the laboratory for testing

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physician will certainly really need to be aware of any type of contraindications you have and may suggest

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time [...] The home department directive to all commissioners of police and superintendents of police

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urine from the same woman, and in another study found that the women who experienced, what they called

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I've been scoped and biopsied so many times, thousands (getting close to tens) in medical bills and no solid answers...

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During the MUR Melissa also mentions that she finds the levetiracetam tablets too big to swallow but never forgets to take her medication.

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